MAP CODE: 9324-1938-8272

Tourist Trap transports players to the world of Yeahnahnesia, a once idyllic island where mass tourism is getting a little out of hand... help the locals reclaim their peaceful island lives back by

︎︎︎ eliminating all the TOURISTS on the island︎︎︎

Things aren’t as simple though;
slimy snail speed traps, psilocybin mushrooms and banana peel power-ups (amongst many others) unleash all kinds of chaos around the island.

Will you be the last one standing?

Map Code: 9324-1938-8272 ︎

 A Brief History of the Island of Yeahnahnesia 

A mysterious tropical paradise recently uncovered by Yok & Sheryo while searching for surf on their jetski. 

*Due to blurry record keeping after the psilocybin incident...
sometime between then and now, the following things happened.