Solo show
Masters Contemporary, New York

Exhibition Views


Acrylic paint, india ink, spray paint on plexiglass
5.8 (w) x 12 in (h)


Acrylic paint, india ink, spray paint on 250gsm fabriano watercolor paper
33.1 in (w) x 46.8 in (h)


Spray paint, acrylic paint on resin

Meet the locals at the beach:

  • A grim reaper riding waves on a surfboard. With a coconut adorned with a splash of rum in one bony hand, this reaper has taken a pause from the afterlife to catch some waves and enjoy life's simple pleasures.

  • Capturing the essence of adventure and cultural mishaps, the sculpture portrays a New York pizza with an animated personality. This urbanite pizza finds itself in amusing and peculiar situations due to language and cultural differences, embarking on a journey that's as flavorful as its toppings.

  • Crafted from imagination and myth, the sculpture of a Bunnyip Gronk stands out on the beach. This creature, communicating through playful grunts, has lived in solitary contentment since the '80s. However, the once-secret beach is attracting visitors, perplexing the creature, who believes they're confusing "ogle" with "google."

  • In a rare moment of respite, a satan takes a break from the netherworld and rides waves on his surfboard. Joined by the grim reaper, they're on their "Death's Day Off," making the most of their paid vacation time in an unexpected aquatic adventure.

  • Meet the carefree Pina Colada Dude, a pineapple figure adorned with shades and a perpetually inebriated grin. Living in a state of constant vacation, this character's speech is a blend of broken English with hints of Australian and Indonesian. A quirky embodiment of relaxation and tropical vibes.

Each sculpture encapsulates a unique blend of imagination, humor, and cultural fusion, reflecting the unexpected nature of our artistic journey through Java.

Behind the Scenes

It all began with a surf trip to explore some hidden gems across Java... until we stumbled upon Master Jono's "Java Jungle" studio, nestled amidst the picturesque rice padi fields of Java, Indonesia.

During this time, we immersed ourselves in the creative process, sculpting creatures out of clay sourced from the nearby Java riverbeds. With every knead and mold, five distinct beings emerged from our imagination.

The creatures we sculpted felt like embodiments of the diverse encounters and connections that blossomed during our adventure. The fusion of art, nature, and personal bonds turned what was meant to be a surf-focused trip into yet another unexpected artistic adventure.