Pipe Dreams

Solo Show
Krause Gallery, 2013
149 Orchard St, LES, New York

“Pipe Dreams” marks our inaugural solo exhibition in New York. The genesis of this collection can be traced back to our travels to a village famous for its porcelain wares somewhere in Northern Vietnam...

The ‘making of’

VASE PROCESS from theyok on Vimeo.

Dedicating an entire month to collaborate with skilled artisans, we worked meticulously on a series of intricately hand-painted vessels with the traditional cobalt blue oxides similar from the Tang dynasty, a material with a rich historical legacy stemming from centuries of use in Chinese porcelain craftsmanship.


These pieces serve as a visual chronicle of our experiences in both Brooklyn and Asia, a visual interplay portraying a vivid tapestry between our our shared Eastern and Western cultures.


Exhibition Views

The merging of old-world craftsmanship with unexpected, contemporary subjects create a harmonious contrast that then adds intrigue to these vessels, which become more than mere art pieces; they become stories told through material, technique, and symbolism.

This intricate interplay of elements resonate with the essence of our journeys, where unexpected encounters often lead to the creation of artworks that bridge cultures, time periods, and themes together in our own unique way.


Paintings on Canvas

Basement Installation

The basement became a portal into our world featuring photos and drawings from our time in Vietnam and Cambodia... We came back to New York with fresh eyes and painted a mural in the now-defunct 5pointz.

Mural at 5pointz

The myriad of people we meet and places we explore profoundly influence the subjects and narratives that find their way into our art pieces.