Nasty Goreng

Solo show
Krause Gallery, New York

"Nasty Goreng" is the fusion of the familiar with the unexpected, and also a word play on the famous, everyday, Indonesian fried rice dish, Nasi Goreng.

In this series of work, we blended the essence of batiks’ motifs with ours: imagining, inventing and intepreting new meanings from them. Our creations became a visual synthesis, bridging the gap between cultures and eras while forging our unique path.

In our batik art, "Nasty Goreng" comes alive – not as a dish, but as a concept. The spirit of playful reinterpretation allowed us to pay homage to tradition while creating something fresh and exciting.

The making of

New York Nasty Goreng from theyok on Vimeo.

Our journey led us to Java, Indonesia. In the birthplace of batik, our journey transformed into an exploration of this ancient craft, fusing tradition with our creative perspective. As we embraced the meticulous art of batik-making, we embraced its historical significance and contributed our own artistic thread to its narrative.

The technique behind batik involves wax-resistant dyeing. Artists employ a tool called a "tjanting," equipped with a spout, to apply liquid wax and create intricate patterns on fabric. After finalizing the designs, the material undergoes dyeing, and once the colors are set, boiling water removes the wax.

Growing up in a nusantara household, Sheryo’s family always wore and collected Batik fabrics.